Hot Tub

Some rules, guidelines, instructions and thoughts on the hot tub and things related.

Opening the Hot Tub (if the lid is on)

If done correctly, this can be done (relatively) easily by one person and the hot tub cover never touches the ground.
  1. Leave the black metal cover lifter down
  2. Grab far half of cover and fold over arm onto near half of cover
  3. Jump in tub (or later if you prefer)
  4. Use cover lifter to swing cover up and off tub
  5. Turn on jets by hitting jets button on console on cover side of tub (the cover should now be standing up between you and the house)
    NOTE: If the jets are squirting water out of the tub or the tub sounds like itís making reving noises, turn off the jets. The water level is probably too low. You'll need to add more water to the tub or recruit more hot tubbers to get in and try again.
  6. (optional) Turn on lights by hitting lights button on console

Beer Bottles and Bottle Caps

Everyone, please, please, please take your empties and the bottle caps when you leave the tub. Weíve already found caps in the tub on a number of occasions. The water will not be very nice with the introduction of rusting caps and bloody toes. Yes, yuck. This is not Coney Island.

Closing the Hot Tub

  1. Do "opening tub" steps in reverse
  2. Grab your empties and the bottle caps they came with
  3. If this is the end of the weekend, put in 1 tbsp of shock (one of the bottles under the stairs) and hit the clean button on the console on the far side of the tub.


Heat and Sharing

When its cold out, the tub water will start to cool off when the tub has been in use for a while, it can't be helped, so do close the cover between shifts and share nice with your housemates.

Tub Hogs and Visitors

Remember this is your house too, if you've been waiting along time and people are hogging the tub or the tub is full of visitors, ask them to make like a tree, a banana, a shepherd, a drummer, a bee and make room for you.

Floating Things and Other Weirdness

Please let us know if things start falling off or the water gets weird. Donít leave the parts floating in the tub and definitely do not leave them in the snow.

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