The Mountain

More Mountains Than You Can Ski in a Week

You think we’re kidding? With seven mountains, including Pico, this place is bigger than anything you’ll experience in the east-some 11 miles from border to border.

But being bigger isn’t the only factor that allows Killington to stand out and above what other resorts offer-take a look at what the true Killington Competitive Advantage is.

Our seven peaks are big, the highest lift serviced skiing in New England, and greatest vertical in New England at 3,150’, but they aren’t just for the experts in your crowd. Sure we’ve got 200 trails that include knee-buckling bump runs, and breath-grabbing steeps and cruisers, like favorites Downdraft, Ovation, and of course Outer Limits, the steepest mogul slope in New England.

We also offer beginner and intermediate routes down from each of our resort peaks, (that incidentally offer up views of 5 states and Canada!). -Including our 6.6 mile Juggernaut trail that’s the longest in the east-- so every single member of your family is accommodated. -- check it out -- all in all it shakes down to just under 90 miles of the greatest slope and trail diversity in the east, and the greatest adventure on skis.

Snowmaking covers almost 70% of our terrain, that’s over 60 miles, (pssst…no other eastern resort even has 60 miles to cover!). But our mountains also hold other wild surprises-- Actually they’re called our Wild Thing and Fusion Zone Trails, and we leave ‘em alone-no snowmaking, no grooming, just you and the mountain, and we’ve got one or the other on just about every one of our seven peaks.

Snowboarders enjoy our mountains every bit as much as our skiers do. With the longest terrain park (for skiers and snowboarders) in the east on Timberline over at Rams Head, and 2 halfpipes (a learner and a World Class job with 12 foot walls), our mountains welcome your aspiring young boffer, and world champion riders alike.

To feel the classic old world charm of Vermont skiing our mountains also include Pico Mountain at Killington. Stone hearth fireplaces, trails that all lead to a common base area, and some of the best views in the entire state, turn back the clock by turning off Route 4 into our Pico Base Area.

That’s it in a nutshell, big, friendly, snow covered, call Killington’s mountains what you will, we love ‘em, and we’re sure you will too.
Killington Mountain Killington Mountain Killington Mountain

Best Snowmaking

Killington has the most extensive snowmaking system on the planet (thanks to a connection to the Woodward Reservoir), over 250 inches of annual snowfall, and a ring of 4,000 foot peaks that almost literally create distinct Killington weather patterns, Killington Resort boasts a competitive advantage that other resorts in eastern North America cannot.


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