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The Decline of the Ski Share

While once a popular way to spend the winter at Killington Resort,  a popular ski destination in Vermont, the decline in availability of ski share houses, can be attributed to several factors. Traditionally, these houses offered a cost-effective and communal way for ski enthusiasts to stay near the slopes. However, recent trends in the real estate market and changing preferences among travelers have impacted their availability. The rise in property values in ski areas has made it more lucrative for owners to sell these properties or convert them into private vacation homes. Additionally, the surge in short-term rental platforms like Airbnb has encouraged homeowners to rent out their properties independently, often at a higher rate. This shift has reduced the number of properties available for seasonal sharing. Moreover, there's a growing preference among travelers for more private and luxurious accommodations, further decreasing the demand for communal ski houses. These factors combined have led to a noticeable reduction in ski share houses in areas like Killington. This page was originally built for the SnowHo Ski House - our ski share house at Killington many years ago.

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You may still find some ski share opportunities through local contacts, Craigslist, KillingtonZone, and the Share Houses of Killington and Killington Locals+ Facebook groups.

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When we updated this site, we found a lot of our old photo galleries so had to put them back online. Killington is a great time and we hope you get to experience it in a ski share or a vacation rental!

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Looking for a Killington vacation? Check out the selection of ski homes, condos, cabins and chalets at Simple Vacation Rentals - your Killington vacation rental experts. Seasonal rentals also available.

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